Ordering Systems


Conference Service

  • Venue availability can be checked via the venue reservation module, by logging on and entering date, time, location and number of guests.
  • If the venue is available, the user (client) then enters the required billing data. The client subsequently chooses the host, clearing method (cost center, WBS element, internal order with automatic validity check) and general account (account to which the service is to be assigned in SAP®).
  • The selected account defines whether external participants may also attend the function.
  • The list of participants can be entered directly into the Web portal or uploaded via an MS Excel® file.
  • If the customer only requires delivery (without venue reservation), he can enter location, building and room number.
  • On choosing the venue, the items and services available at that venue are displayed.
  • After selection the customer (client) receives an order confirmation.
  • Orders are displayed in KOST in the order mask and can be edited or adjusted as necessary.
  • Various reports are available.
  • On dispatching a delivery note is created.
  • Reorders are also assigned to the order.
  • On finalization, an electronic hospitality confirmation note is generated by the system; this can be confirmed using a signature pad or by username and password.
  • Electronic hospitality confirmation notes can be printed out, automatically saved as a PDF in a directory or accessed at any time out of the database with the actual values from the database.
  • Invoices are generated in the KOST customer management module. The customer can view all orders via the Web application.
  • Invoices with all relevant accounting details can be passed on to SAP®.
  • Information relevant for income tax statements is sent to the participants payroll account in SAP®.