KOST welcomes Asklepios as a new customer

Asklepios is one of the leading private hospital operators in Germany with around 150 medical facilities. Asklepios' doctors and nursing staff treat more than two million patients annually. The hospital group, which employs around 46,000 staff, has a clear commitment to medical quality, innovation and social responsibility.

Asklepios has been using KOST Material Management since June 2017 when it comes to catering for patients and employees.

The KOST Business Software enables an efficient and transparent management of the entire catering process in one system:
• meal planning including special diet requirements according to DGE quality standard
• collation of menu orders including costing
• labeling of allergens and nutritional values
• procurement according to production forecasts
• meal production, portioning and delivery.

Asklepios provides a tasty range of meals, while respecting the individual health needs of the patients. The KOST Business Software ensures a fast and smooth handling of the catering process and creates cost transparency.

KOST looks forward to working with Asklepios and contributing its many years of experience in the field of catering management!